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bun / BEEF / bun – post #1

August 8, 2010

The maiden voyage, first fish on that new rod, breaking the champagne over the hull, poppin’ open the cork on a bottle, however you want to call it, we’ve saved our first Spork+Hashi ‘eatin’ out’ post – of course – for a burger joint . . .  If you know us, you know we’re into burgers,  you know we’ve got a google doc list of restaurants populated by burger spots, from the six dollar to the 20 dollar variety.

So let me start off by saying that we categorize burgers into  four categories, the first category would be elite status, burgers that are better than most $50 meals (i.e. Father’s Office – hashi’s champ, Umami – spork’s champ, and well we haven’t found anything else that fits in this category – YET!), the second would be gourmet burgers that are really really good, good bun, good patty, good condiments and sides, but are just missing something to break their way into elite status (i.e. 8 0z. burger bar, The Golden State, etc.), the third category are just really good down home, I wish I could make this in my backyard restaurant quality burger, no crazy cheeses, no off the wall sauces, just a good quality beef between buns (i.e Beachwood BBQ, The Factory, etc.), and then there’s the rest, places we’d gladly eat again, but nothing worth going out of the way for (i.e. In-and-Out, Houston’s, Belmont Brewing Company, Redondo Beach Brewing Company, etc.).

So our first burger post lands us in the gourmet burger category at The Golden State. It’s a small joint on Fairfax that we missed driving by the first time, located right across the street from the famous Cole’s Deli and (for all you hipsters) a few doors down from HUF LA.  Both Spork and I ordered “The Burger” – Harris Ranch Beef, Fiscalini Farms Cheddar, Glazed Applewood Smoked Bacon, Arugula, Housemade Aioli & Ketchup – the description alone takes me back . . . That Harris Ranch beef is good, not spectacular, but damn damn good.  I’d eat here over and over again, gladly.  It’s the kind of experience that you don’t appreciate in the first bite, but as you progress through it, by about half way through it, everything starts to come together . . . .

I’d like to add – check the ketchup selection, they’re all housemade, even the standard tomato ketchup is great, but we opted for the curry ketchup, it just adds another layer to the fries . . .

We’ve actually sampled all the above mentioned spots, but don’t have picture documentation thereof, guess we’ve got to go back!  More to follow . . .


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