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September 15, 2010

As devoted Top Chef fans, who can’t miss an episode, and just sandie lovers in general, Spork+Hashi have been dying to try out a @Tom_Colicchio joint.  Being working class peoples, in a ‘bit of a recession, it didn’t look too feasible to make it out to craftsteak NY in the near and really didn’t seem right to experience the first of the craft empire on the craftbar menu.  Well I guess it was a good thing we were headed to SF then, ’cause damnit if there isn’t a ‘wichcraft there!

After seeing his cookbook, with every detail expertly ‘crafted, we like us some sandies, but didn’t know if it would have been worth the hours of prep that it seemed they required.  Not that we had any doubt my fellow shadow caster knew how to work up a couple of pieces of wonder bread and some oscar mayer bologna- okay, maybe they’re slightly more ‘crafty than that, but still . . .  So, why not just get the milk straight from a Strauss Family Creamery cow right?  Damn skippy, on our fairly extensive restaurant document for the trip, ‘wichcraft was highlighted as a must.

Here’s what went down:

On the left, I ordered the Slow Roasted Pork on ciabatta with red cabbage and mustard.  On the right, the clear winner, my lovely Spork’s Roasted Turkey on ciabatta with avocado, bacon, onion relish, and aioli.

Seems pretty simple right?  Well I can tell you that there were layerings of flavors and textures that were working their magic here.  The sum absolutely better than it’s simple parts.  Very, very good ‘wiches on any level and already ready already to head back.

We busted out the door with a peanut butter cookie, a lemon poppyseed with jam, and chocolate chip cream’wich trifecta in hand saved for later.  Didn’t snap a flick of it, but I’d rate that peanut butter cookie on the crazy good status.


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