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Fall cooking begins!

October 3, 2010

Yesterday morning we experienced five minutes of weather here in Long Beach.  Fall arrived bright and early with thunder clouds, huge drops of rain, and somehow a still shining sun which created an interesting mist that rose from the warm streets.  I guess this was the official sign I needed to begin craving new foods and my favorite cooking season of the year!  I knew the rain wouldn’t mean cooler temps, so in an attempt to not run a hot oven & air conditioning all day our Fall kick-off meal was a hearty bowl of chili and quick baking Cheddar & Black Pepper biscuits.

For as much as I love baking and try to do it multiple times a week it occurred to me when starting my biscuit dough that I had never made roll out biscuits from scratch.  I guess I’m a lazy baker and always favor drop biscuits instead.  This of course meant I needed full documentation of the event and as always Hashi obliged.

From the depths of my cabinets I found the cutest little fluted biscuit cutter which I purchased a while back for a (yet to be made) strawberry shortcake recipe.  It was perfect for creating nicely puffed up flaky biscuits.  We baked off four, including an ugly blob made out of the last of scraps, and cut the rest to store in the freezer where they will likely be baked up for morning breakfast in the weeks to come.

I think I might like this rolled biscuit thing!


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