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snow(ish) day…

January 5, 2011

On Sunday Hashi and I decided to celebrate our last day of winter vacation with a day on the road.  Sometimes we both find that we have the most fun just hopping into the car and heading out for a long drive without a true destination.  Of course this time we had a bit of plan… we wanted to find some snow.

So, with our road atlas in hand (it’s more fun than google maps or gps) we decided to head north for a scenic drive along the Angeles Crest Highway through the San Gabriel Mountains.  But first stop… breakfast & coffee!   We took a shot in the dark and veered off the freeway in Eagle Rock to try out a restaurant called 4 Cafe.  Turns out we got lucky and the place was pretty good.  The highlight of the meal was Hashi’s “pear lemonade”, a perfectly refreshing sweet yet tart drink.  I’m determined to make them at home this summer, yum!    I also lucked out with some pretty amazing lemon ricotta pancakes topped with  perfect little blackberries, and Hashi’s fried egg sandwich had excellent smoky bacon on top.  After breakfast a quick walk to starbucks for coffee and we were back on the road.

Our snow plan quickly hit it’s first kink when we read the road sign on the freeway “Highway 2 closed”.  Awesome.  No problem we’ll just take the most round about trip towards Mt. Baldy ever, because it’s a ski resort and their must be accessible snow there!  Umm, sort of.  I won’t even bother with the long random lists of roads and freeways we traversed, but we found some absolutely beautiful sights along the way… including the most perfect crystal blue streams that I swear are only seen in paintings.  It was a great detour in our plan.

Somehow a few hours later we found ourselves in the great outdoors stuck in L.A. traffic…?  I guess it turns out that we weren’t the only locals looking for snow.  Luckily as we spent an hour creeping up towards Mt. Baldy road the biggest fluffiest flakes of snow began falling from the sky and I got to watch Hashi freak out a bit when I opened the sunroof to allow the snow to fill the car.  Win!  We continued to creep up the hill for a while only to discover that our lovely friends from the California Highway Patrol weren’t letting anyone up the mountain.  Another road closed.  Oh well… at this point we realized that our little road trip was much more about the drive than the destination.  Well, that and we decided we’d try again next weekend…


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  1. January 6, 2011 12:20 am

    Beautiful pictures! My favorite is the one of you two with snow on your heads!

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