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going old school…

February 7, 2011

About a week ago hashi and I had to make the drive out to the ol’ inland empire (for those not from los angeles, it’s east of the city) to visit a project that we both worked on.  It seemed like a perfect reason to make a much delayed visit to our roots, aka cal poly pomona.

It’s pretty amazing how in 6 or 7 years the college can go through a ton of changes and yet seem exactly the same.  Of course there were new buildings, a beautiful new garden, a huge parking structure (finally) but it still felt (and smelled) just like home.

Our original reason for wanting to swing by campus was to pick up a couple of new sweatshirts for our wardrobe.  One can never have enough hoodies for the chilly southern California nights!  A funny thing happened as we walked towards the student center,  it just suddenly hit us… we don’t have any snapshots of cal poly!  Yes, there are pictures of events, friends, teachers, and of course architecture models, site visits and studio antics but neither of us have any photographs of the school itself.   Seriously, people have it so much easier now that digital cameras are everywhere.  Starving architecture students still shooting film could only afford pictures of study models and site context.   Seems lame now that I look back, but at the time it was the obvious priority.

Anyways.  After a quick shopping spree we ran off to the originally planned site visit for our office and then detoured back to cal poly for a few shots of the school and the new farm store.   I can honestly say after spending an hour visiting the ol’ place that I wouldn’t change a thing about where I spent those wonderful 5 years.  I loved my school and now I miss it!

I hope my fellow cal poly architecture survivors enjoy the snapshots of campus.  You really should go for a visit some time soon…


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