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Santa Monica Seafood

April 19, 2011
We were headed up to LA to run a few errands, so of course we couldn’t make it to LA without figuring out a way to try a new restaurant.  I’ll have to admit, Santa Monica Seafood was a the backup plan to our original destination of Huckleberry Café – but finding a line out the back door when we showed up to Huckleberry deterred us from this original destination.
A couple of doors down however, there’s a small fish market – who also have a small menu and oyster bar  – Santa Monica Seafood.  Santa Monica Seafood has built their reputation, over the past 40+ years, as a purveyor of some of the freshest, top quality seafood on a wholesale level to restaurants and other vendors throughout the Southern California.  As a part of this location and a few of their other locations (Costa Mesa, Las Vegas, San Diego) they also have a retail component who also deliver the same quality, fresh seafood to the public.  They have a selection of sea bass, shark, tuna, salmon, lobster, hell – even live shrimp!

Included in this retail location, there are a handful of tables that give you a very “farm to table” vibe – but maybe it’s rod to table or water to table?  Whatever it is, you get the point, clean and simple dishes that exhibit the qualities of the fish, well seasoned, well presented, and delicious.  It’s a very dynamic atmosphere, you’re literally eating in the fish market.  I’d gladly go back when we’ve got time to enjoy the oyster bar and to bring home a couple of nice filets or maybe even a couple of tails!
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  1. enny permalink
    April 20, 2011 4:50 pm

    i love santa monica seafood! i thought huckleberry was just okay. although i didn’t try the brisket which they’re known for.

  2. May 4, 2011 3:52 pm

    Gah! Your posts make me so excited to move to Cali! That seafood looks delish. And we don’t really get great seafood here in the midwest, unless we catch it ourselves. 🙂

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