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monthly recap – 04-05/2011

June 7, 2011

I’m not quite sure what happened to the month of May, because here I am nearly a full week into June and I realize that I never posted my April monthly recap.  Time seriously flies by lately.  I’d like to say it’s because the past couple months have been super-fantastic-wonderful (true, some parts have been) but really it’s been weeks of ups & downs dealing with not so fun health issues in the family.  Good news is that while they are far from over, the process of beating them down has started and hopefully the second half of the year will turn out to be loads better than the first!

As for the other goodies keeping me busy…

This month Daniel and I have a huge road trip (3000+ miles) planned so I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks catching up on blog posts in preparation for the ton of pictures I’ll want to share once we get back.   I’m crazy busy finishing my new fuzzynk website and 2011 spring  summer invitation collection.  To be released at the end of July.  This is also known as working towards my goal of quitting architecture!   I also started a new little project (thanks to my fancy pants pretty white iphone) of taking a picture a day.  Seriously, it’s been so easy using my favorite app: instagram.  I’ll be posting these each month during my recaps.  Starting today with my May photos (missing a few since I didn’t have my phone for the first week).  To top off my busy schedule I’m working on a fun little scrap book based for our road trip, the design is inspired by one of my favorite bloggers & her seemingly effortless & exciting scrapbooking ways.

As for my 101 in 1001 monthly updates.   I’ve dropped the ball on a few… like cooking new recipes or photographing them, sharing recipes, working my way through my cookbooks… though I bought three new ones!  I can however proudly say that I knocked the first five pounds off my weight goal, and I can thank my iphone & it’s run mapping app / nutrition meal counting (telling me to chill out on the cookies) app!  I also finally tried sushi (and liked it), continued to treat myself to fresh flowers each month, and we added Joshua Tree as our second National Park visit (8 more to go).

Hopefully these next 16 days before our crazy weeks driving up the west coast will see more frequent blog posts,  more days running, and a few home cooked meals as well!

I’m excited to welcome June and a Summer time filled with great afternoons by the pool!!!!


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