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camping + rain in Santa Barbara

June 23, 2011

As we prepare to head out on a road trip to the Pacific Northwest one thing has me worried… weather!  Both Daniel and I are slightly obsessive planners and that makes it difficult to deal with the lack of guarantee that we’ll have perfect crisp sunny days when we travel.  We do our best to pick a favorable season and destination.  But as seen in our recent camping trip in Joshua Tree… we don’t always have the best of luck!  The same can be true of our last camping trip just outside of Santa Barbara.  We planned it about a month in advance and the thought of bad weather never really crossed our mind.  Growing up in Southern California means (at worst) a chance of the notorious “June gloom” or “May gray” skies and perhaps a misty morning.  Never did we think it was risky to hit up the mountains just inland from the coast in the month of May.  Yet a few days before our camping weekend we saw that the weather predicted a 30% chance of showers, which here in California can be interpreted two different ways… either it’s the local news calling it “summer storm 2011” or basically heavy mist that we like to call rain.  I mean, 30% rain means 70% chance it won’t. Right?  The odds should be in our favor. Unless you are me or D, then it means it’s going to rain when it’s most inconvenient.  In the case of camping this would be the following three times: five minutes after we head out on a hike (w/o rain jackets), 10 minutes after we get up and decide it’s safe to make breakfast (without any sort of shelter), and the absolute instant you decide to break camp (and drag your stuff down a muddy trail to the car).

So, as I sit here in the living room contemplating if we’ve packed enough rain & snow gear for our “summer” road trip up north I’ll leave you with some pictures of the slightly damp camping trip from last month.  Looking back at these photos it’s easy to forget the frustrating moments the rain brought us and only remember the fun we had spotting wild turkeys trotting through our camp site, sloshing across the washed out road barefoot (after stepping on a bee), and of course eating our favorite camping breakfast of Kings Hawaiian Bread french toast & spam!   Somehow I think we’ll come back with perfect memories from this next road trip regardless of what the weather brings.


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  1. July 13, 2011 7:22 pm

    Oh my gosh, what gorgeous photos! Camping is often more fun when viewed through a lens, no? 🙂

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