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local tourist – Santa Barbara

September 12, 2011

We are SO behind on blogging this summers activities that I honestly don’t even know where to start.  The Pacific Northwest vacation photos are sitting on our computer just begging to be sorted and edited.  When you’ve got 3000+ it seems like such an overwhelming task that it’s easy to make excuses and hope small elves will sneak in and take care of it over night!  Not likely.  We’ve also just gotten back from a last minute weekend in San Francisco so the “need to post” list is growing quickly!  Instead of tackling those I’ll procrastinate a little longer and share some pics from a quick Saturday drive we took up to Santa Barbara earlier this summer.

I think our new interest {obsession} with the National Park system has spread into just about anything either historical or outdoorsy!  Hence, the two trips we’ve taken to explore local California Missions this summer.  I’ve already blogged about how we checked out the beautiful San Juan Capistrano Mission and this time we headed north to check out the Santa Barbara mission as well as the Presidio State Historic Park.  I’d say if I was choosing between the two it’d be a toss up.  Both of the Missions are mostly restorations, SJC more recent and obvious, I believe SB is on it’s third version, but the latest is actually quite old itself.  The grounds of the SJC mission are much more beautiful.  The gardens are open for you to wander through and they’ve done a better job with signage and explanations of what you are seeing.  There was a wedding going on inside the mission in SB, so we weren’t able to get in for a close look.. and that may have taken away from the experience as well.   However, the city of Santa Barbara is hands down the winner over the hustle and bustle of Orange County any day.  For that reason alone I can see us revisiting SB well before we drive down south again!


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  1. September 12, 2011 4:11 am

    I love looking at your pics S!!!! Can’t wait for the Pacific Northwest ones! I’ve been dying to get up there!

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