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Local tourist – whale watching!

September 25, 2011

Last weekend I got a phone call from my mom letting me know she’s watched a story on world news about the blue whales just off the coast of Long Beach. I was shocked… how did we not know that the whale watching boats a few blocks away were actually offering legit tours?  I’d always assumed that the advertised “adventures” were more of an “oops, we didn’t see whales today but check out those California sea gulls” sort of trip!  Well, as it turns out not everything in the tourist based Rainbow Harbor area of downtown LB is a scam, because 24 hours after she called we were on a boat heading out to see if we could spot the largest mammal on the planet. I won’t keep you in suspense… not only did we see a blue whale we saw a mom and her {very large} baby!  It was amazing.  I must admit it was a little bit of a bummer when the on-board representative from the Long Beach Aquarium explained that blue whales don’t do much jumping, splashing or tale waving.  I suppose I was expecting a show that goes along with grey whales.  Even without the acrobatics nothing can truly explain what it’s like to see such a huge creature gracefully swimming right next to you.  Seriously speechless.  We were lucky enough to enjoy our pair of whales four different times.  They would come up for air and swim around a bit before descending into the deep ocean to feed.  7.5 minutes {almost to the second} later they would pop back up next to the boat and the process would repeat.  The blue whales weren’t the only animal sightings during the three hour tour.  We were also joined by dozens of dolphins, pelicans, and sea lions.  The dolphins actually put on quite a show when a huge tanker cruised by they “body surfed” in the waves off the front bow of the ship.  Now that we’ve gotten a taste of how fun whale watching can be we have plans to head up to Channel Islands National Park this winter to catch the grey whale migration.  Hopefully we’ll be just as lucky as we were this past weekend.


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  1. September 26, 2011 5:02 am

    How amazing!!!!

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