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Pacific Northwest Road Trip ~ Crater Lake National Park

February 13, 2012

In the months leading up to our road trip we watched the weather very closely in anticipation of our adventure at Crater Lake National Park.  We also checked in on the National Parks website nearly daily before heading out on the road in hopes that the record snow would be cleared enough to allow us to drive around the full rim of the lake.  You see, this particular destination doesn’t fully open until July each year and can often become snowed in once again as soon as late fall.  The window of opportunity is quite small.

Unfortunately the road opened later than normal and we missed out on full access to the lake by about a week.  Fortunately however we were able to drive half way around the rim and take in views of the clearest most beautiful lake either of us has ever seen.  Honestly, I don’t know that a more spectacular body of water exists.

Crater Lake was formed exactly as it’s name suggests… it’s the collected snow melt sitting in the middle of a crater on the top of a 7,000+ foot mountain.  The lake is the clearest & deepest in the United States, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.   Hopefully in a few years we can make the trip back out in better weather and hike down to the lake itself.  Perhaps even go for a swim in the clear turquoise water!



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