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south-southwest road trip ~ Saguaro National Park

March 31, 2012

Next up on our southwest road trip was Tuscon, Arizona and Saguaro National Park!  The park is actually split into two separate districts, one east of the city of Tuscon and one to the west.  We spent time in both and found that both parks offered a little something different.  The visitor center in the Tuscon Mountain District (west park) was beautiful.  We were lucky enough to visit at sunset and the framed views of the cacti on the mountain as seen from the visitor center courtyard were amazing.  The next morning we drove the loop road of the Rincon Mountain District (east park) and enjoyed the variety of cacti beyond just Saguaro that could be seen just a short hike from the main road.  Because we had just spent a day in Organ Cactus National Monument I must admit that we were a bit underwhelmed by the parks in Tuscon.  On one hand it’s great that the park preserves the land so close to an urban center, as it provides easy access to the great outdoors… but at the same time it’s tough to feel like you’re really out in nature when just beyond your view is a typical suburban housing development!


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