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south south-west road trip – Big Bend National Park

May 14, 2012

We leave for our next trip in less than two weeks… and here I am trying desperately to catch up with posts about a trip we wrapped up back in January.  I have no idea how bloggers ever keep up with daily, heck even weekly posts!  I’m obviously not one of those bloggers!

Anyways… moving on.  One of the big decisions during the planning of this southwest road trip was whether or not nine days was enough to venture into Texas. Daniel really wanted to make it to Big Bend National Park and I just wanted visit with some friendly Texas peeps and eat tasty food.  It was a long trip and we pushed the line between taking on too much & seeing just enough, but Texas was certainly a highlight and I’m glad we went for it.

We spent two nights at Big Bend in the tiny town of Terlingua, Texas.  Which is a reborn ghost town in the middle of absolutely nowhere.  It was perfect.  We rented a tiny unit on Terlingua Ranch and spent our evenings enjoying the clearest and darkest skies I’ve ever seen. The stars were amazing.  We also found a great little local place called The Starlight Lounge where we had their famous Texas chili along with chicken fried elk topped with beer gravy.  It was an unforgettable meal and was made even  better with the local cowboy entertainment.

Big Bend was exactly as you would expect it… BIG!  But in the middle of the vast skies, Rio Grande River, and huge rock formations were beautiful tiny details in the feisty cacti that fought for survival.  Big Bend certainly deserved more than just a couple days of our time. I’d love to get back and I have a feeling the draw of Texas will be strong for years to come.


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