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always on the road…

July 12, 2012

12 months ago we arrived home from our first big road trip… a trip that sparked an obsession with the outdoors, national parks, tiny nearly forgotten towns, roadside stops, and nights spent under the dark starry skies hours from any hint of big city life.  In the past year we’ve successfully put more than 10,000 vacation miles on the car over the course of more than 6 weeks of exploration. Happily most of those miles have been on tiny two lane highways, dirt roads without real road signs, and mountain passes which took us to snow capped peaks in the middle of summer.  We’re so lucky to have discovered this shared passion that has led us through two dozen national parks in 13 states and so many adventures we’ve lost count.

As I sit down to try to catch up on posting the remaining photos from our south-southwest road trip (nearly 7 months in the past) I’m almost overwhelmed with the thought of also catching up with our recently completed 3 week “great western road trip”!  But I’d better get moving because as I post these pics from our time in Texas last December Daniel is currently planning our drive for December of this year!  Somethings always brewing around here. I think we’ve both accepted that road trip travel is our vice. Maybe we won’t have the fanciest cars (I love my almost decade old civic), I’ve curbed my shopping/shoe habit, our TV is barely larger than my laptop monitor and no we don’t fly off distant lands (though it’s certainly on the to-do list) but working hard to vacation more is certainly a gratifying reward.

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  1. July 18, 2012 4:25 am

    Your pictures are INCREDIBLE!!!!! You have a brilliant eye. So happy you guys had a great road trip:)

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