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good-bye summer. hello blog.

September 5, 2012

I was procrastinating at work the other day (what’s new?!) and spent some time browsing through my past posts when it hit me… I really miss this blog.  I miss the monthly recaps, the food posts, and of course I miss actually getting around to posting pictures of our travels.  Lately life seems overwhelmingly full of the “should be” and the “need to” and lacking in the “want to” and “why the hell not” categories.  Blogging along with many other fun activities has slipped to the back of the list as my time for things seems to be lacking more & more every. single. day.  But, as of this morning… I’m pushing it (and other wants) back near the front of the list.  Notice I said “near” and not “at”… let’s not get too crazy! As much as I’d love to slack off on responsibilities (mostly the job I’m sitting at as I type this) I must accept that vacations & future plans needed to be funded in some way.  At least until I figure out an alternate method. Lotto anyone?

Moving on.

My brain is full of a million incomplete thoughts, half-planned out goals, and ideas for the future. I’ve decided that maybe sharing a few of them here on the ol’ interwebs could help make them happen.  Maybe those blog posts won’t have the pretty pictures that our road trips do, but something tells me that it’ll be just as important to look back at them in the months & years to come.

To start I’m going to keep it simple. A recap of some favorite instagram pics from the summer.  Not quite a monthly recap (save that for September) but still good stuff for this here blog comeback!


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