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swim | bike | run – Long Beach Sprint Triathlon

September 20, 2012

This past weekend I tackled my first full sprint triathlon right here in our own back yard of downtown Long Beach. You may recall that back in May I conquered my fear of the swim|bike|run by participating in the Mission Bay mini-sprint triathlon in San Diego. Immediately after I completed that spring race I excitedly employed the likes of google to search down other races and quickly settled on the sheRox tri in San Diego this coming October.  Well, about mid-summer I realized I didn’t want to wait til’ Fall so I bravely signed up for the Long Beach race. I say bravely because I wasn’t 100% confident in my ability to do a 1/2 mile open water swim. You know… in the ocean… with actual {little} waves!  Well guess what?  I did it.  I swam the 1/2 mile (and wasn’t even tired???) biked the 11 miles (started getting tired) and then ran 3.1 (well, ran-walked). The best part… I loved it! Even more than the first time & I seriously can’t wait for the next race.

Those of you in Southern California may recall the oppressive heat wave we’d been living with last week.  Heat + me + exercise = massive fail.  So of course I spent the entire week praying to mother nature & the weather app on my iPhone to cool the heck down.  The day before my race it was in the 80’s by breakfast. um, no thanks.  Sunday morning I woke up at the always exciting time of 4:30am to crystal clear skies and a bit of an ocean breeze. Hmm. Perhaps I had a chance. An hour later  I was walking my bike & gear into the race transition area and something amazing happened. The fog rolled in like a thick wool blanket. In a matter of minutes the view I’d had of the ocean was gone and in it’s place a glorious white wall of cool mist. OMG. I’m one lucky gal… it stayed cool (and practically rained) during the bike portion of the day. In fact the sun didn’t really come out until I was relaxing downstairs hours after the race enjoying a celebratory beer & burger. Yeah, it was a good day.

This race was a bit more than double the length of my first triathlon so I did my best to train on a regular basis.  I swam, ran, and biked about once a week for the two months leading up to the event and I even ran my first 5k race… just to be sure I could survive the distance!  My goal was simply to finish under 2 hours and I very happily finished in 1:41.33! I’m excited to see how my time compares next month at the sheRox race.  The bike is 3 miles longer, but it’s a flat course (thank goodness) and the run between the swim & bike transition should be much shorter.  I’m already counting down the days!
Long Beach Triathlon – Sept. 16, 2012

Swim (0.5 miles) – 19:46

T1 – 3:27

Bike (11 miles) – 45:37

T2 – 2:18

Run (3.1 miles) – 30:26



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