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GWRT part 03 – Capitol Reef National Park

January 28, 2013

Driving through Utah, Capitol Reef National Park is a little known, little visited park in the system – but the long “waterpocket fold” in the land speaks wonders.  It’s a portion of land that the earth’s crust lifted and eroded to expose the beautiful layers of red rock, and hold pockets of water.  You’ll notice that the valley remains green and lush, as the precipitation still flows through this channel.  The Park Service preserves this land not only for it’s natural wonder, but also for the  settlers and farmers that used the natural water of the area.  The NPS retains an orchard of fruit trees to which visitors can enjoy in the form of a small stand that sells pies and preserves.

The amazing part about this park is it’s odd sense of plane.  You approach the park in the flat valley, and the walls around you seem to rise from no where, with an even, but skewed top.  It makes you feel as though you should be tilting your head just to feel like you’re standing straight . . .

blog pics capitol reef

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